About Perheväkivaltaklinikka

Perheväkivaltaklinikka offers discussion, guidance and support groups for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

Our services are confidential, free of charge and open to all. We are not aligned with any religious or political group. We are part of the Violence and Crisis Intervention Unit of Setlementti Tampere ry. Our operations are funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, with revenue from Veikkaus.


What we do

We offer discussion and guidance to anyone who suffers from family violence. ‘Family’ can mean any relationship in which the people involved have a solid emotional bond with each other. We also hold support groups that can help you cope with experiences of violence and solve problematic situations without violence.

Examples of violence in the family, i.e. domestic violence, include:

  • Your partner berates you, calls you names or yells at you.
  • You or your children are pushed around, pulled by the hair or hit.
  • Important information concerning you is kept secret from you.
  • Your partner controls you financially, and you’re not allowed to use your own money or your own social benefits.
  • You’re not allowed to make your own decisions.
  • You’re being blackmailed or threatened.
  • You’re being stalked after a divorce or a break-up.


We work with individuals, couples and families during scheduled meetings. During the meetings, we help you look for ways to help you cope better in your everyday life and prevent the risk of violence in the future.


For whom are the services intended?

Our services are intended for people who are victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, or both. You can contact us alone, as a couple or as a family.

Our employees speak Finnish and English; we otherwise use an interpreter, whenever possible.

Our office is located in Tampere, but you can contact us from anywhere in Finland.


Contact information: